Sustion - Building a Sustainable Future

Sustion is a tool for organizations to identify their impact on climate. With Sustion, organizations are able to point out their carbon spending and savings, and drive their business towards a more sustainable future.


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Carbon Footprint Calculator for Organizations

Sustainability and carbon neutrality are topical global trends. As many countries around the world have set carbon neutrality objectives, there still seems to be more discussion than actions around the topic. 

We at Visma want to be one of the game changers tackling climate change. We support the UN's sustainable development goals in a concrete way and provide tools for organizations around the globe to reach their strategic goals in carbon neutrality.

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Sustion calculates CO2 emissions based on organization's financial data

Sustion guides organizations towards a more sustainable future. Going forward, organizations are expected to have insight of the impact of their behaviour on the environment, as well as a concrete action plan of the measures they will take to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are soon offering a carbon footprint calculator that every organization can have easy access to.

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Sustion will help organizations to:

Why Sustion?

Real-time data

Track & measure CO2 emissions real-time. Sustion calculates the carbon footprint of an organization's day-to-day operations and helps understand how daily choices affect the environment. Sustion is a service that is provided for Visma by CarbonLink Oy, a company founded by atmospheric scientists at the University of Helsinki.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sustion helps you to observe your impact on the environment and identify areas that need to be addressed in order to reduce your organization's carbon footprint.

Secure your competitiveness 

Strengthen your competitiveness by securing your attractiveness among business partners and future employees by transforming your business sustainable.

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